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Be sure to read the FAQs about the race before registering.

***For the XTERRA Trail Series run, register by clicking here***

Click here for mail-in form for XTERRA French River Festival of events (note: USAT membership is required and MUST be filled out. NO EXCEPTIONS!)

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Entry Fee Schedule
Register online at RaceWire
XTERRA French River Triathlon
Sprint Tri/Du
(min. 13 yo)
Sprint Tri/Du
Relay Team
(2-3 participants)
Kids Off-Road
(min. 6 yo & no
training wheels)
Under 15 (on-line)-$50--
Regular (on-line)
Until June 26, 2014
Mail-in by June 20$100
Race Day$110$70$80$20
USAT 1-day/
annual fee
$12/$45$12/$45$12/$45 each$10/$15

For more information about USAT membership, please click here.

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